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As used by: Family Offices . Sovereign Wealth Funds . Corporates . Hedge Funds . Insurance Companies . Private Equity . Foundations . Pension Funds . Endowments . Venture Capital . Investment Banks . HNW individuals . Private Banks . Trading Companies . Fund of Funds . Investment Consultants . Specialist Brokerages and many more...

What people are saying



    "An exceptional international network of industry, financial and strategic investors and partners from across the intelligent systems, technology, energy and commodities sectors. AIP and their Partner Antony Sommerfeld come highly recommended..."



    "[AIP] maintains an extensive network of international investment relationships with the world’s leading public and private investment groups that extends deep into the family office, endowment/foundation and ultra-private office universe, a universe which investment banks and brokerages have traditionally found difficult to access…"



    "I recommend the AIP research and capital introduction service to you which, over a short period, led to qualified introductions to asset managers, private equity managers, industrial conglomerates, family offices and boutique investment management firms…"



    "A world-class team with a demonstrable track record in origination, appraisal and principal investment"



    "I recommend AIP to you as a leading capital introduction, services and advisory business serving the commodities, technology and healthcare/pharmacology sectors. Their team have been instrumental in accessing leading investors, executives and decision makers active in our sector which has relied heavily upon their knowledge of the commodities markets and meticulous research product"



    "We regularly use the AIP team for ad-hoc research projects, deal origination and deal screening, as well as for incubating and funding new start-ups that we create. In fact, one of AIP’s Director’s is a Board Advisor to our business at Certus"

A few of our clients:


Welcome to the AIP deal room, a leading private portal to the best opportunities across the Commodities and Artificial Intelligence-focused sectors. The AIP deal room is designed to connect investors and capital raisers in a private virtual data room format, facilitating the introduction of new equity, debt, fund, technology, asset and other investment transactions to our network of investors. Our private platform allows investors to review these opportunities and selectively progress to a detailed analysis of those they find most interesting. A few of the features of the AIP deal room include:

  • Real-time notifications as new investment opportunities are added.
  • Manage your most confidential deals online and in safety.
  • Investor/Capital Raiser inbox, deal folder Q&A and audit trail.
  • Lock down data with dynamic watermarking and advanced controls.
  • Work confidently with business-class security and reliability.
  • Simplify sharing for your team, investors and clients.
  • Securely share files across the deal room with no size restrictions.
  • Access deals from any PC, Mac or mobile, any time, anywhere.
  • Set up sync and never worry about backups again.
  • Reduce turnaround times on NDAs with built in e-signature facilities.
  • Full tracking with email alerts.
  • Full deal text search capability.
  • Granular folder permissions for quick investor access and provision of new updates.

For Investors:

AIP's deal room provides an alternative view of the private and public deal flow market within Commodities and Artificial Intelligence. This includes:

  • Public Equity deals
  • Private Equity deals
  • Asset deals
  • Debt deals
  • Investment Funds
  • Technology/IP deals

AIP's deal room has several distinct advantages for our investment partners. A few of these include:

  • NO COST to review or progress deals from AIP’s private deal flow network.
  • Access to Private and Public market opportunities.
  • A private portal – no direct contact from any capital raiser unless you initiate it.
  • Initial deal review by AIP’s consultants prior to adding to the portal (unsuitable opportunities screened and removed or presented for reformatting).
  • Access to AIP’s specialist deal screening consultants.
  • Real-time update option as new deals are added.
  • Time saved in deal screening through the provision of a “quick look” deal summary sheet for every deal room event.
  • Keep track of opportunities of interest through last updated / information added features.
  • Sign NDA’s directly via the Deal Room if you wish to progress a deal to a more detailed review.

For Capital Raisers:

The AIP deal room is unique in the market since capital raisers are able to directly interface with over 1000 high quality investors seeking a variety of equity, debt, fund, asset and technology opportunities. The deal room provides a secure interface for capital raisers to present an opportunity to this exclusive network and a convenient portal for investors to review. In addition, AIP’s team provide a bespoke deal screening and review service, where required, by investors and capital raisers.

AIP’s deal room provides capital raisers with access to an exclusive range of investors from across the Commodities and Artificial Intelligence sectors. These include:

  • Family Offices
  • Sovereign Wealth Funds
  • Corporates
  • Hedge Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Investment Trusts
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Secondary Funds
  • Foundations
  • Pension Funds
  • Endowments
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Investment Banks
  • HNW individuals
  • Private Banks
  • Trading Companies
  • Angel Investors / Investment Networks
  • Fund of Funds
  • Investment Consultants
  • Specialist Brokerages

A few of the attractions and unique features of the AIP deal room for capital raisers includes:

  • Low success fees (2%).
  • Access to major private and public investors.
  • Receive deal review requests and determine who can access your transaction.
  • State of the art encryption and device security.
  • Full tracking with email alerts.
  • Access via PC and Mobile.
  • Granular folder permissions for quick investor access and provision of new material.
  • Private Inbox and Q&A

AIP’s team also provide a variety of other services to support our capital raisers including:

  • Investment Presentation Drafting
  • Business Plan/IM Preparation
  • Financial/Economic Modelling
  • Investor Database Building
  • Market and Equity Research
  • Investor Market Mapping
  • Term Sheet Drafting
  • Escrow Services


For Investors:

AIP do not charge an investor to receive or review investment opportunities. We only charge clients who wish to highlight new investment or co-investment opportunities to our private network of investors.

For Capital Raisers:

There are two pricing elements to the AIP deal room:

  1. A review and listing fee: AIP charge £495 ($699.95) in order to review the transaction, provide objective feedback and determine suitability for the Deal Room. Suitability criteria are provided in advance. If a transaction is suitable, AIP will append the opportunity with a short objective review of the target market. AIP will provide detailed feedback to you if the opportunity provided is unsuitable for private listing, including what would be required for the transaction to be listed.
  2. An introduction success fee: AIP charge a 2% success fee on invested capital sourced directly from the Deal Room (for equity/asset deals) and a 1.5% success fee on invested capital for funds. This is equivalent to a 150% decrease on the current market rate.