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Generating long-term capital growth by investing in the lifesciences sector both as principals and alongside a consortium of investment partners.

AIP seeks out new transactions across the lifesciences sector that represent excellent opportunities to principally deploy our capital, to co-invest or to manage transactions on behalf of our investment partners. AIP can invest across a range of projects, structures and geographies and coordinate the full investment process from origination and technical appraisal through to management team selection, financial structuring and execution. Our team have outstanding principal investment track records having invested across the lifecycle. We have designed a range of special purpose investment vehicles for our partners and clients which facilitates tax optimised investment from a variety of different geographies. As a principal, we are focused on long-term value creation across the lifesciences value chain and are a source of patient capital, with a medium-term investment horizon.

Establishing, structuring, staffing and raising capital for a broad range of customised lifesciences-focused businesses and investment platforms

AIP is dedicated to identifying, incubating and accelerating the growth of the next generation of lifesciences-focused entrepreneurs. We provide a full company setup, incubation and acceleration service that enables entrepreneurs and investors to determine exactly the type of lifesciences-focused businesses they wish to form and invest in. AIP provide a setup service that includes building, structuring, and resourcing the business, helping to access or identify “the asset”, screening the opportunity, creating or engineering the management team, and finally raising seed/development capital. We can also create the Non-Executive board of Directors sourced from amongst our executive network for the provision of strategic advice and clear corporate governance.
AIP partners with a variety of carefully selected service providers that includes lawyers, accountants, tax advisors, corporate financiers and other specialist consultants to create, capitalise and strategically position the business you desire.

Providing capital introduction services to firms globally with extensive access to international investors across the private and public markets.

AIP provides capital raisers with access to a consortium of international investors across the lifesciences sector. Our team works with both listed and private investors to provide funding solutions for a variety of corporate and asset-level deals. Whether launching a new business, funding a new or existing project, or diversifying an investor base, AIP can help strategically position the investment opportunity, implement a capital raising solution, and provide full support throughout the capital raising process. Our team has developed long-standing relationships with a broad range of global institutional investors, both large and small, including high net worth individuals, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, private banks, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, family offices, consultants and funds of funds. The AIP team works across a global network to determine the most suitable investors and investment opportunities and work tirelessly to make effective capital introductions.

screening and advice



Helping you to select and manage investments and personnel through carefully considered sector-focused due diligence and expert advice.

Staying ahead of an ever-changing investment environment requires experience. AIP work with a variety of public market and private investors to identify and screen businesses and other investment opportunities that offer the prospect of short to long term investment returns. Our management team and advisors can provide an objective investment view on opportunities provided by our clients or sourced by AIP that focuses on technical evaluation, commercial and financial merits, and composition of the management team. Our team have decades of experience across a diverse range of lifesciences-focused industries and can skilfully guide your investment decisions or offer you a sounding board for ideas. Our team is rigorous, curious, and passionate about investing. We bring that commitment, and our collective best thinking, to your investment portfolio.

Creating and augmenting your business development funnel through access to our international network of lifesciences-focused businesses and investors.

AIP offers a specialist marketing and business development service providing direct contact, strategic advice and hands-on operational support to help our clients win and retain more business. AIP can directly interface with your target market and deliver a short-list of prospective clients who could be approached with a particular offering. We will introduce your offering to the target market through carefully considered email and telephone communication and an offer of further dialogue / meeting with your company. Our Business Development services allows our clients to react quickly to a new market opportunity, focus business development on a specific geography, launch a new business development initiative to capture market share, test the market on a new strategy prior to adding headcount, or augment/reinvigorate your existing business development or marketing strategy.

Providing international junior through to executive level recruitment services on a permanent, consultancy and real-time basis.

Through an exclusive relationship with DRS, a leading search and selection firm, AIP can provide our clients with a selection of leading staff and contractor candidates ranging from senior executives and Non-Executive Directors through to intermediate and junior level staff. Be it a new opening, a controlled succession, or an emergency placement, we have the resources and capability to deliver competitive advantage and lasting value. Our partner, DRS, has developed an international reputation for the provision of recruitment services across the lifesciences sector within industry, banking & finance, and professional services. Their team provides access to over 80,000 international lifesciences professionals. Whether you are looking for advice, or to fill a Board-level, senior or intermediate position, AIP can help you unlock new growth and value across your business.


Research and Business Support

Sourcing new investment opportunities for our clients from both the public domain and AIP’s specialist opportunity origination network.

AIP can proactively access both the conventional market and private market of investment prospects, connecting investors and companies across a wide range of equity, debt, fund, and asset opportunities that in some cases have yet to be marketed or reach the market through other avenues. We maintain excellent relationships with asset holders, corporates, investment banks, private equity firms, law firms and a host of other potential sources of information and deal flow.
We aim to be our client’s first call in identifying, accessing or creating a deal that can be analysed, marketed, syndicated and ultimately executed. AIP adopts a blind pool capital approach in each interaction where our client’s anonymity is withheld until a suitable point of introduction. In this way we aim to maintain the deal parameters as they existed prior to interest from our client and without potentially raising the price by the client reaching out directly to potential targets.

Providing on-call research (micro-task and project) and access to a wide-range of lifesciences services. Welcome to the Lifesciences concierge.

AIP’s outsourced support service has two forms – on-call research and bespoke business support.
RESEARCH: The AIP research team can source a wide range of information and material on your behalf. Research can range from small tasks that may take a few hours to complete through to longer tasks, for example, competitor analysis, contact directory creation and independent research reports (cross-topic, cross-sector). Our researchers include cross-lifesciences experts skilled in website research, literature reviews, social media interaction and much more…
BUSINESS SUPPORT: AIP provides our clients with specialist outsourced services that have traditionally either been provided in-house, have been difficult to source independently or which are time consuming to re-create. Business Support covers a range of services provided either by AIP or our service partners. Recently this has included custom video marketing production, specialist website application development, and decision maker analysis – identifying and introducing a client to key executives who held decision making roles in a specific industry segment.